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Water Industry

Technidrive Ltd, based in Ireland, is a dedicated Industrial Drives supplier offering a service which can be as simple as identifying and supplying replacement drive components such as Electric Motors, Reduction Gear units, Electronic Motor Controllers, Power Transmission equipment, Assisting in design, selection and subsequent supply of complete new drives from prime movers to dedicated turnkey control systems.

Technidrive has provided solutions across many sections of the water industry including some of the following…

Motors, Gear Units & VSD Drivers for Pumping Applications

Technidrive offer a wide range of gear units to suit pumping applications including in line Helical and Planetary gear types. Bespoke output flanges and shafts can be supplied to suit various applications.

Electric Motors designed for Water Service applications are available including the WEG WIMES specification (Water Industry Mechanical & Electrical Specification), range which comply with applicable regulations in this industry.

Frequency Inverters, (VSD’s), are available with on board PLC functions to provide the following features for pumping applications:

  • Sleep Mode
  • Scaled Pressure display in relevant units
  • PID Function with pipe charging function
  • Broken pipe or leak detection
  • Dry pump detection without sensor
  • Pump Cavitation monitoring
  • Jockey Pump control
  • Deragging – Auto cleaning of Impeller
  • Multi pump System
  • Floating control
  • Multiplex system – totally managed by drives and no need for external PLC
  • Force rotation function
  • Onboard Soft PLC

The WIMES specification Electric Motor from WEG have the following standard features:

  • Efficiency levels: High Efficiency (IE2) & Premium Efficiency (IE3)
  • Stator frame, endshields and terminal boxes made from high grade FC-200 cast iron
  • Cooling method: TEFC (Totally enclosed fan cooled) – IC411
  • Rated output: 0.12 to 500 kW
  • Number of Poles: 2, 4, 6 and 8
  • Frame sizes: 63 up to 355A/B
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Voltages: 220-240/380-415V (up to frame size 100L) / 380-415/660V (112M to 355A/B)
  • Design N
  • Service factor: 1.00
  • Ambient temperature: -30°C to 40°C, at 1000 m.a.s.l.
  • Relative humidity up to 95%
  • Degree of protection: IPW55
  • Class “F” insulation (∆T=80 K)
  • Mounting: B3T foot (with top terminal box)
  • Continuous duty: S1
  • Vibration level: Grade A as per IEC 60034-14
  • External earth terminals
  • Stainless steel nameplate AISI 316
  • Fan Covers: Steel for frames 63 to 132M and Cast Iron for frames 160M to 355A/B
  • WISE® (WEG Insulation System Evolution) insulation system – suitable for inverter duty applications
  • Insulated NDE bearing hubs as standard for frames 280S/M to 355A/B
  • Thermistors (1 per phase) fitted as standard (frames 63 to 355A/B) in mains terminal box
  • Space heaters (dual voltage 110V and 230V) fitted as standard (frames 63 to 355A/B)
  • Additional terminal box for space heaters as standard with WIMES compliant heater warning label
  • Metric threaded cable entries for mains & auxiliary terminal boxes
  • Bearings: Metal shielded (ZZ) sealed for life bearings for frames 63 to 132 Regreasing nipples for frames 160M to 355A/B
  • Bearing / shaft seals: B3 motors – Oil seals for frames 63 to 200L / WSeal® for frames 225S/M to 355A/B B5 motors – Oil seals for frames 63 to 280S/M / Viton seals for frames 315S/M to 355A/B
  • Painting: Two-pack epoxy paint finish (Plan 202E) for aggressive sheltered industrial environments
  • Finish Colour: RAL 5010 (High Efficiency – IE2) RAL 6002 (Premium Efficiency – IE3)

Agitators, Mixers, Aerators and Thickener

The drives used for Agitators, Aerator and Thickener applications require careful selection as many need very low speed, high torque, limiting torque and often have external forces or loads acting on the gear unit shaft or casing which must be catered for.

Technidrive have a wealth of experience in this industry and can work with customers to ensure correct drive selection is achieved to provide required performance, efficiency of the process and longevity of the drive system.

Gear unit can be selected to suit virtually any mounting position required for these applications.

Technidrive solutions

Waste Water Screens & Compactors & Dissolved Air Flotation Applications

Waste water screens and compactors use a variety of drive designs and the gear unit often has to cater for the trust loads caused by the screw.

Technidrive work with customers to make sure the drive is selected correctly and operates for the design life.

Technidrive solutions

Driver Replacements

In addition to calculations and drive selections for new applications Technidrive also specialise in unit replacement.

These often require application specific mounting plates, flanges and couplings along with gear unit upgrade to increase service life

Technidrive solutions