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Technidrive has carried out industry research into common fallure modes with the objective of establishing how to extend motor and gear unit life. The information has been gathered across a range of Industries and the most concerning fact revealed is that in harsh environments over 90% of electric motors and gear units do not reach their design life resulting in premature fallure!

Some fallures are common to different industries however the food Industry, and other Industries with corrosive environments present, stand out with the highest rates of reduced drive components life.

Drive & Transmission problems in the Food industry

The most common causes of premature failure are:

  • Motor failure due to water ingress.
  • Gear unit seal deterioration as a primary failure resulting in lubricant leakage and subsequent gear unit failure.
  • Gear unit shaft corrosion inducing seal wear and lubricant leakage causing either gear component or bearing failure.
  • Motor burn out due to overload.
  • Motor burn out due to phase loss.
  • Motor or gear unit bearing failure due to external loading.
  • In addition to the high fallure rates Issues with corrosion and contamination cause significant maintenance issues.
Technidrive solutions

Typical visual effects from the industry

The information gathered by Technidrive has been analysed and together with our principal manufacturers we have established how to eliminate each issue resulting in solutions to actively increase the life of industrial drive systems in harsh environments.

These issues can be resolved with specialised solutions available from Technidrive
Technidrive solutions

Motor Protection and Control

The Increased usage of Electronic Control (Inverters) has lead to a marked rise in associated problems e.g:

  • Poor starting torque
  • Insufficient torque at lower operating speeds
  • Unacceptable levels of nuisance tripping
  • Premature gear unit failure
  • Reduced motor life

Electric motors and gear units are often blamed for issues caused by incorrect selection of the complete drive package, or improper programming of the electronic equipment.

Our Commitment to you

Technidrive’s engineers will help resolve the issue by evaluating the failure and providing a suitable long term solution through an extensive stock of high performing VSD’s, Gear units and motors reducing down time to an absolute minimum.

Our Complete Service package Includes high level technical support, unrivalled tailored stock and in depth product /application knowledge, allowing Technidrive to lead the way in Industrial Drive Solutions.

Technidrive solutions

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