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Dairy processing is renowned for its high energy consumption, and within this sector, dairy farms account for over 80% of total energy use. The culprits? Milk cooling, water heating, and vacuum pumping. That’s where Technidrive steps in, transform your dairy farming with Technivac Vacuum System by Technidrive. Introducing a cutting-edge vacuum on demand control system designed to transform energy efficiency and reliability in vacuum pumping on dairy farms.

The Heart of the Milking System: Vacuum Pumps Reimagined

Vacuum pumps, often hailed as the heart of the milking system, play a pivotal role in creating the necessary vacuum. Traditionally, fixed-speed systems have been notorious for their energy waste and unnecessary strain on equipment. Imagine a system producing vacuum at full capacity, even when only half is required. This dilemma not only results in energy inefficiency but also accelerates wear on the equipment.

Introducing Technidrive’s Variable Speed Solution

Enter Technidrive’s innovative variable speed system. Developed to address the pressing energy concerns in the dairy industry, our system adapts to the actual demand, eliminating unnecessary energy expenditure. This smart solution not only curbs energy waste but also extends the lifespan of equipment and reduces the need for frequent servicing.


Technidrive's Technivac vacuum on demand system

Technidrive’s Technivac vacuum on demand system


A Game-Changer for Dairy Farms

Energy Savings: Our system delivers impressive energy savings, ranging from 35% to 55%, when compared to fixed-speed systems. Moreover, these savings can have a significant impact on your operational costs.

Reliable Vacuum Pressure: Say goodbye to inconsistent vacuum pressure. Technidrive’s system ensures reliability and consistent performance. Consequently, you can maintain optimal vacuum levels without disruptions.

Reduced Noise: Embrace quieter operations as you benefit from reduced pump speeds. By doing so, you’ll create a more serene working environment that contributes to improved productivity.

Seamless Integration: Whether you’re retrofitting existing vacuum pumps or integrating into new setups, our system seamlessly fits in with minimal footprint. As a result, you can enjoy the advantages of our technology without extensive modifications.

Compatibility: Regardless of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), our system is compatible with 95% of pumps. This remarkable compatibility provides you with the flexibility to integrate our solution into diverse setups without complications.

Risk Reduction: Safeguard against total shutdowns with manual overrides and dual systems. Our innovative designs keep your operations running smoothly. Furthermore, these risk reduction features provide you with a safety net, ensuring continuous operation even in challenging scenarios.

Testimonials from Satisfied Users

“We have numerous Technivac systems throughout Northern Ireland and a couple in the south of Ireland. The system is very easy and quick to fit.” – Andrew Dunn, Owner of Northern Dairy Services Premier dealership.

Experience the Technidrive Advantage

With over 600 installations across the UK and Ireland, Technidrive’s vacuum on demand control system is transforming the dairy industry. Our efficient variable speed system not only saves energy but also enhances reliability, reduces noise, and extends the life of equipment. Explore how our solutions can revolutionize your dairy farm operations.

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