Jaw dropping unblocking

Reduce downtime, increase tons per hour and end health and safety problems with our cost-effective jaw crusher auto-unblock control system.

A blocked jaw crusher can be a dangerous and expensive problem for a quarry manager. But what if, the very second it happened, your system could detect the blockage and implement an automatic forward and reverse motion to fix it, according to load?

No more health and safety problems, no more motor damages, no more expensive downtime.

Interested ? Just email sales@technidrive.co.uk and we will be back in touch to discuss your needs faster than you can manually unblock a jaw crusher. Or just call +44 (0) 28 37 518111 to talk it over.

If the crusher is stopped full, our system can be remotely or automatically activated and will continue to automatically control the direction, current, ramp times, DC bus voltage, torque, position, and speed until the product in the chamber has been cleared and the crusher has run empty for a set period.

“Great system. We recently installed a crusher with this feature and added an in-cab remote control for the excavator driver to safely operate the unblocking devices. This removes any need for an operator to be in harm’s way of a running crusher, further improving the safety and automation of a quarry operation,” Charlie Eastwood, General manager at AGG PRO

Reduce downtime, increase tons per hour

The average time lost to a blocked jaw crusher is 240 minutes and the average lost throughput is a staggering 800 tons.

Using Technidrive’s jaw crusher auto-unblock control system reduces that to five minutes and just 21 tons. That’s a saving of nearly four hours in downtime and 779 TPH (tons per hour), every time the system kicks in!

Put an end to health and safety problems

Have you ever seen an operator using a tooth on chain to get the jaw to bite?  Or, even worse, have your ever seen the tooth be ejected at high speed?

How about someone using a jack hammer or sledgehammer to break the stones or pry them out of the blockage?
Our system puts an end to these problems, removes the risk of being found guilty of corporate manslaughter and proves to your team that you have their welfare at heart.

“According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, quarry workers are twice as likely to be killed in an accident than construction workers, and thirteen times more likely than those working in manufacturing. Technidrive is offering a potential solution to the problem,” The Canadian Mining Journal

That’s pretty convincing if you ask us. If you email sales@technidrive.co.uk you can book a zero obligation call back to discuss your application today! You can also get us on +44 (0) 28 37 518111.

Enhanced warranty

We are so confident in our product, and its ability to reduce drive system damage through wear, that we offer an enhanced three-year warranty. The next best warranty we’ve found online is just one year!

Incredible connectivity

At Technidrive, we put connectivity at the heart of everything we do, and our jaw crusher auto-unblock control systems are no exception to that rule.

They offer USB connectivity to the inverter and fault logging access to all parameters so you can diagnose the cause of your blockages, as well as fix them in minutes.

On top of all that, we provide free remote technical support, the option to commission remotely at reduced hourly rate and the option to remotely install soft PLCs and test, also at a reduced rate.

 Either email sales@technidrive.co.uk or read on for some technical details and an example case study. Or just call +44 (0) 28 37 518111.

System details

Systems are available from inverter only to complete turnkey systems, potentially including electric motors, variable speed drives, geared motors, soft starts and alternators.
For example, in one application we used a WEG W22 Premium Efficiency IE3 drive, delivering superior efficiency, reduced energy consumption, cost effective performance, high radial load capacity and impressive productivity as well as cost reduction.

It’s superior cast iron frame, inverter rated windings and insulated non drive end flange make it the ideal choice.

We paired this with a CFW11 WEG inverter with built-in soft programmable logic control (PLC) functions, including standard DC bus chokes to reduce harmonics. The inverter was selected with an output sinusoidal filter to create a nice sine wave, minimise output current, and reducing electrical noise.

The alternator was chosen was from the WEG G-line range with some unique features such as dust filtering, to allow it to operate in a quarry atmosphere without the risk of foreign particles entering the system. It included a digital input AVR to allow remote voltage adjustment and a standard I-PMG auxiliary winding system feature to provide a dynamic response to load change and short envelope compared to traditional external PMG alternators.

This result was an innovative system that removed the dangerous and laborious job operators have had to do for years, manually unblocking jaw crushers using rock breakers or winches to remove the product.

If all that has convinced you we can help reduce downtime and improve health and safety on your application, fill out the form below or call us on +44 (0) 28 37 518111 and we will be happy to help.