Advancements in crushing, screening, and sizing for enhanced quarrying safety

Posted on: March 19, 2024

How is technology transforming handling of challenging materials?

The quarrying industry plays a crucial role in the extraction of valuable minerals and materials for construction and infrastructure projects. However, the handling of challenging materials in quarries has always posed risks and obstacles to workers’ safety. Here, David Strain technical director at systems integrator Technidrive, explores how technological advancements have revolutionised the way materials are crushed, screened, and sized in quarrying operations, significantly enhancing safety measures.

From hand-arm vibration and falls from heights, to explosives and heavy machinery, quarrying workers may be exposed to a number of health and safety risks due to the hazards typically found in quarries. In fact, data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) shows that over 3,500 quarry workers have suffered an injury reportable to HSE since 2000, with 31 of those being fatal.

Automation has long played a pivotal role in enhancing safety in quarrying operations. Machinery equipped with automation systems can perform tasks that were previously executed by manual labour, eliminating the need for workers to enter hazardous areas.

Intelligent crushing systems

One of the most significant advancements in quarrying technology is the introduction of automated crushing systems. Crushing is an integral process, where large rocks and aggregates are broken down into smaller, more manageable sizes. Traditionally, this task involved heavy machinery and manual labour, which posed significant safety risks.

Crusher blockages in particular can be highly hazardous and can lead to costly downtime. To unblock a crusher a plant must usually be shut down and the system must first be isolated. Despite these precautions, a crusher can still be a serious risk to personnel due to the material which can be suspended in the crusher chamber.

In response, modern crushing technologies have brought about remarkable improvements in safety and automation plays a pivotal role here. Advanced control systems and sensors are employed to monitor and adjust crushing parameters, ensuring optimal performance while minimising human involvement. This reduces workers’ exposure to hazardous environments, such as confined spaces and noise pollution.

This is where Technidrive’s innovative crusher unblock system comes into play. Technidrive’s crusher unblock system utilises advanced technology to automatically detect and clear blockages in crushers, ensuring a continuous flow of material and preventing potentially dangerous situations.

The system employs intelligent algorithms, combined with sensors, to identify blockages and initiate the unblocking process without human intervention. This ground breaking technology not only improves productivity and reduces downtime but also enhances the safety of quarrying operations by minimising the need for manual intervention in hazardous situations.

Technidrive's automatic jaw crusher unblock system

Efficiently separating materials while prioritising worker safety

Screening is a critical process in quarrying that separates materials based on size, allowing the extraction of specific aggregate fractions. As with crushing, advancements in screening techniques have led to enhanced safety measures.

Traditional screens often required manual adjustment, increasing the likelihood of accidents during maintenance. However, modern vibrating screens are equipped with automated features, such as self-cleaning mechanisms and remote monitoring systems. Advancements in sensor technologies and computer algorithms have led to the development of automated screening systems. These features not only improve efficiency but also reduce the need for manual intervention, minimising the risk of injuries. Additionally, these technologies can detect and remove potentially harmful contaminants, further enhancing safety and quality control.

Heavy equipment at a quarry

Innovative sizing methods

Sizing materials in quarrying operations is essential to meet specific requirements for construction projects. Traditionally, this process involved manual handling of heavy machinery and increased the risk of accidents and injuries. However, innovative sizing methods are transforming this aspect of quarrying, improving safety and efficiency.

Modern sizing techniques leverage advanced technologies like laser scanning, 3D modelling, and computer simulations. These tools enable accurate measurements and precise sizing without the need for workers to physically interact with the machinery. By minimising manual intervention, these methods significantly reduce the risk of accidents and create a safer working environment for quarrying personnel.

As the quarrying industry progresses into a new era, technology is playing a pivotal role in transforming health and safety practices and revolutionising the handling of challenging materials. Technidrive’s crusher unblock system stands as a shining example of innovation within the quarrying industry. By ensuring a continuous flow of materials and reducing the risk of blockages and accidents, this system contributes to a safer working environment for quarry operators and their employees. The integration of remote operation technologies enables operators to control machinery from a safe distance, eliminating the need for personnel to be physically present near the equipment.

As we embrace these technological advancements, it is crucial for the quarrying industry to continue investing in research and development, collaborating with technology providers and systems integrators, to prioritise the health and safety of workers. With a shared commitment to harnessing technology’s potential, we can create a safer and more efficient quarrying industry for years to come.