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Shaft Mounted Gear Units

not just a gear unit - every component manufacture with pride to exceed

ISO 9000 standards - (by ISO 9000 approved mfr.)

not just gears - high quality carbon and nickel alloy steel gears

manufactured using test certified materials.

not just hardened - gears heat treated by gas carburisation to provide

efficient hardness gradient for strength and life.

not just machined - gears ground to DIN class 6 ensuring correct

meshing, smooth, quiet and efficient operation.

not just assembled - every shaft and bore machined to strict tolerances

and shrunk fit together providing interference fit.

not just painted - rotating shaft and hub chemically coated to

reduce corrosion thus increasing seal life.

these are just a few of the features and benefits engineered in to our gear units.





powerdrive SMGU - manufacturing process

PowerDrive gear units are manufactured using only high quality shaft and gear components which are

case carburised to provide good wear characteristics and ground to allow smooth and quiet operation.

All pinions are manufactured from alloy steel SAE 8620 case carburising steel - c/w material test certs.

( SAE 8620 contains nickel to provide maximum strength )

All gears are manufactured from 20MnCr5 case carburising steel forgings - c/w material test certs.

All raw materials purchased are independently batch tested by spectra analysis to verify specification.

All raw materials have additional marking applied to ensure every component can be traced.

Gear components are hobbed to required dimensions prior to heat treatment.

Gears and pinions surface harden by Gas Carburisation to required depth :-

- Pre heat : heat to 790 - 810 deg. C. in an electric furnace.

- Diffusion : case carburise at 790 - 810 C. by injection of "Carbonyl" liquid in an inert atmosphere.

( Carbonyl is a mixture of carbon & nitrogen )

- Control : carbon saturation levels are constantly monitored throughout process.

- Stabilise : maintain at 790 - 810 deg. C. to stabilise the components.

- Quench : quench in oil to provide surface hardness of 58 - 62 Rc.

Temper to relieve stress :-

- Heat to approx. 200 deg. C.

- Cool slowly to ambient temperature.

- Die Penetrant tests are carried on ALL components.

Grind gears and pinions :-

- Grind to DIN class 6 to provide case depth of approx. 1mm.

- Surface hardness, case depth and core hardness tests on EVERY batch of heat treated components.

CNC machined gear casings :-

- Cast Iron casings are CNC machined to ensure correct gear and pinion centre distance.

- After assembly ALL units are run test and checked for load, noise and lubrication.



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