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V5 Softstart

External or built in Bypass
V5 softstarter offers both possibilities. The user can chose the standard model offering the possibility of installing an external contactor for bridging the power stage once acceleration ramp is finished, until the start of deceleration ramp. Otherwise the user can chose the new V5 model with built in bypass which will offer the same functionality without requiring any external device installation. In any case, V5 control stage remains monitoring all control operations and motor protections.
The V5 is a softstarter of a great mechanical design, manufactured with a cabinet structure which means an easy installation for customers. The access to the control and power terminals has been improved getting much more cost saving in your installation.
Vast range
Specially designed to get a soft and progressive start in those installation with a high inertia moment from 1 to 1000CV, 220-690V.
Dynamic Torque Control
The V5 series incorporates the “Dynamic Torque Control”, exclusive of Power Electronics. This control algorithm was thought to monitor the motor speed. Using the motor speed data, the softstarter controls the output voltage applied to the motor in order to increase, decrease or keep constant the motor torque.


V5 Softstart Brochure

Power Electronics V5 softstart brochure

V5 Softstart Manual

Power Electronics V5 manual

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