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CFW11 Inverter

WEG is launching a new generation of inverters with state-of-the-art technology for three-phase induction motor control. It can be used in a vast range of applications, since it is designed for running on either Normal or Heavy Duty Cycle Loads. Its performance is excellent, providing increased productivity and an improvement in the quality of the process in which it is used.
 CFW-11 presents many innovations that are helpful and beneficial to customers, mainly due to the simplicity of its installation and operation. The CFW-11 was developed based on Plug-and-Play philosophy allowing simple and fast installation of the inverter and its accessories.
The HMI has a navigation and programming system similar to mobile phones, with soft-key buttons. It is possible to access the parameters sequentially or through groups of parameters. The HMI also makes the Oriented Start-up function available, guiding the user through the necessary programming.
 The CFW-11 adapts itself to the customer´s needs through a broad range of accessories, which are easily installed. Besides this, the product comes with the SoftPLC function that attributes PLC functions to the inverter, which allows the customer to create his/her own applications through the WLP. 

  • 1,1 up to 55 kW  200-240 V – Single Phase (up to  2,2 kW) or Three Phase
  • 1,5 up to 132 kW 380-480 V – Three Phase  

Plug and Play
The philosophy Plug and Play (connect and use) enables quick and easy installation of accessories and options. It automatically recognizes and configures the accessories used, enabling easy installation and safe operation eliminating manual configuration.

1) Slot 5 - FLASH  Memory Module

2) Slot 1 - Expansion I/Os (input and output)

3) Slot 2 - Encoder Interface

4) Slot 3 - Communication 1: DeviceNet, CANopen, RS-232C e RS-485

5) Slot 4 - Communication 2: Profibus, DeviceNet, RS-232, RS-485 e EtherNet / IP

USB Interface
Programming software for PC (USB connection), Windows environment, for parameterization, command and monitoring of CFW-11 inverters.  

Man / Machine Interface
The human-machine interface (HMI) was developed for simple and fast interaction while providing excellent visibility for the user. The HMI has backlit graphic display and soft-key, greatly facilitates inverter programming and operation.

  • Graphic display
  • Backlight
  • Real time clock
  • Copy Function
  • Plug-in (connection CFW-11 turned on)
  • Language
  • Remote HMI
  • Soft-keys for easy operation

Soft PLC
Memory card built into the standard product allows user to create functions without the need to use an external PLC (Soft-PLC via IEC61131-3 programming software).


  • V / F (scalar), Sensorless Vectorial control and Closed Loop Vectorial Control
  • Senusoidal PWM modulation - Space Vector Modulation
  • EMC filters (built-in)
  • Communication networks: CANopen, ProfiBus DP, DeviceNet, Devicenet Profile, Modbus RTU
  • PID Regulator
  • DSP Control
  • Serial and Remote HMI (optional)
  • Built-in Inductors in the link DC
  • No need for external
  • USB Connection
  • On-line Monitoring
  • Trace Function
  • PLC Accessory - PLC 11-01 (Optional)
  • Flash Memory Model
  • Normal and Heavy Duty Applications


Multi Pump Control, Pumps, Fans, Exhausts, Compressors, Paper and Cellulose / Wood , Cement and Mining, Chemical and Petrochemical, Iron Works and Metallurgy, Elevation, Refrigeration, Sugar and Alcohol,

CFW11 Inverter Brochure

WEG Inverter CFW_11_brochure

CFW11 Inverter Manual

WEG Inverter CFW_11_manual

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