Electrical automation

CFW700 Inverter



Keeping in mind that one of the main focus of WEG VSDs is to
have one product for general purpose applications WEG is now
launching the CFW700 series. 

Its power ratings range from:

• 1.1 up to 55 kW (1.5 up to 75 HP)  220- 240 V – Single phase
(up to 2.2 kW (3HP))  
• 1.5 up to 110 kW (2 up to 175 HP) 380-480 V – Three phase 


Technical Features
- Built-in DC link Reactor
- Built-in Encoder interface ( available through control terminals)
- RS-485 port Available at terminals ( MODBUS ready)
- Possibility for Common DC bus configuration
- Thermal Management( independent protection for motor and drive)

Plug and Play

The possibility for fitting in the CFW700 series with accessories

discarding any need for additional configuration (Plug and Play

Philosophy) saves time and allows quickness and easiness

when attempting to install modules shown below:

Slot 3 – Communication (Optional):      

Profibus DP-V1 / CANopen

Slot 5 – Flash Memory (Optional)


Man / Machine Interface


LCD Display
Copy function through
Memory Card
Language Selection 
Remote HMI possibility 
Guided start-up makes
the programming easier







Soft PLC

Beyond all the functionalities brought by CFW700,
another outstanding feature is the micro PLC built into the product.
This gives flexibility for developing application that require ladder
programming thus the use of an additional PLC can be discarded.



CFW700 Manual 



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